Company Story:

Founded in 2015 by Nick Davis, a bartender and sommelier with a vision.

The term Medium Plus: Also abbreviated “M+”, the phrase is a bit of jargon frequently used in deductive-tasting and cooperage circles. Tasters might describe a Rioja Reserva with “M+ Tannin, Acid and Alcohol”, or an Alsace Gewürztraminer with “M+ Aromatic Intensity”. Winemakers frequently select “M+ Toast” designations for their barrels, a condition which imparts lovely complexity and spice accents. So often is Medium Plus used, that its true meaning is quite ambiguous. We named our company in its honor, accompanied by a wink and nod.

Slogan: “Elevated Wine and Cocktails“. The term elevated connects to the concept of Medium Plus itself, in related to a condition that finds itself on a superb level, without going to the extreme. In the beverage world, a bit of restraint is indeed compelling.

Vision: Our ideal for the future, entailing a culture of hospitality professionals and enthusiasts who are confident, humble, passionate, and enthusiastic about the wide world of beverages.

Mission: Creative methods used to accomplish the vision, through offering innovative beverage education, thoughtful retail offerings, and memorable community events.

Key Values:

  • Collaboration – An ongoing desire to engage with others, to reveal their gifts and passion.
  • Integrity – Conducting business with honesty, transparency and dependability.
  • Dedication – Unrelenting pursuit of a better world made though friendship, hard work and bubbles.

Fine Products:

Professional Services:

Events and Education:


Medium Plus – Leadership Team:

Nick Davis: Creative Director @nickyd206

Nick Davis, Master Sommelier, is a Seattle Native, and fell in love with wine and cocktails while finishing a Jazz performance degree at the University of Washington. His creative spark transferred easily into the beverage and hospitality world, where quick thinking and creativity are paramount skills.

With a service background at Canlis, RN74 and Oliver’s Twist, Nick started Medium Plus in 2015 with a vision to share his passions with professionals and enthusiasts in locales near and far. Long term personal goals include the Master Sommelier title, and starting a foundation and sanctuary in Seattle for Red Pandas.

Taylor Lewman: Community Outreach @let.them.drink.wine

Taylor Lewman: wine lover, Certified Sommelier, and forklift operator. With a work ethic that is only matched by her enthusiastic and positive spirit, Taylor brings a wide range of skills to the Medium Plus team. From social media marketing to systems development, Taylor assists all kinds of projects.

She has years of past experience on the restaurant floor, and is now expanding her abilities by also working on the harvest team at Betz Family Winery in Woodinville, under winemaker Louis Skinner (that’s where the forklift comes into the picture). As for a favorite wine? Taylor and Jess agree: Champagne!

Aaron Skrivan: Business Development @the_grape_divide

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Aaron Skrivan grew up having an affinity for Local wine, often accompanying his Dad to Woodinville to observe him taste and discuss the nuances with the winemakers. This, alongside a passion for Food, science, and history lead him to truly dive in to studying wine from across the world, with vintage Champagne being his gateway drug.

Whether it be introducing friends to the road of less traveled wines, or hosting wine tasting parties, Aaron believes that wine is the best bridge to friendship and community.

Aaron is currently preparing for the Certified Sommelier exam, and hopes to sit for the test in 2018.

Jess White: Midwest Operations @winelifeisafinelife

Jess White is an advocate of wine babble and consumption. She became involved with Medium Plus while living in Seattle, preparing for her Certified Sommelier exam via the M+ mentorship program. Jess passed the exam with flying colors, and decided to link up with the company as a long-term team member. She is inspired by a global community of beverage professionals and enthusiasts who all want to connect with others to educate and develop personally and as a whole. As Jess and Nick like to say to pump each other up at any opportunity, “Hell Yeah!”

She is back in her home state of Michigan and is incredibly inspired by the Midwest.  She loves doggos, exclamation marks, and sabering every bottle of bubbles that crosses her path!


Praise for Medium Plus:

“Nick Davis is a consummate professional, and I’m always grateful to work with him. Not only does he offer the highest caliber of skills from service to hospitality, but also has an infectious hunger to continually learn and expand his abilities.

His attitude is one of graciousness and respect for those he works with, while also bringing a lightness and charm to his work. From an event planner’s perspective, I’m always thrilled when I hear he’ll be partnering with us, as I know he’ll deliver top notch results.”

David Flaherty, Marketing Director, Washington State Wine Commission

“I truly admire Nick Davis for his professionalism & respect for his craft. I was fortunate to see him in action at SommCon 2016 as he spearheaded the wine service for many of the panels during the three-day event.

His dedication is very and immediately evident, as is his attention to detail, all without drawing any attention to himself. Nick also has a gift of being able to connect with people sincerely and graciously, which just adds to his whole professional package.

He definitely won my respect.”

Chuck Furuya, Master Sommelier

“Nick and I spent hours together studying feverishly for the Advanced Sommelier exam. His awesome determination to learn the material was only bested by his insistence on investigating the process of learning itself.

Passing the Advanced exam on his first attempt speaks to the effectiveness of his method, something I’ve seen him develop and evolve. If his success is any measure of the benefits his practice offers, this is a venture worth supporting.”

Jason W. Smith, Advanced Sommelier

“My name is David Kim and I am the National Director of Restaurants at Nordstrom. I started a wine tasting group, to support members’ knowledge base and their ability to network within the industry. Nick joined us in the early stages of the group and has been an integral member from day one.

Many people I know have vast knowledge of wines and spirits. But only a select few can convey their message without being pretentious or condescending. Nick is one of those select few that genuinely has an interest in each person’s learning progression, especially in one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend Nick to help enhance and elevate your organization’s wine education efforts.”

David Kim, National Director of Restaurants at Nordstrom

“I sought help from Nick at Medium Plus for improving my blind tasting abilities. Nick broke the process of tasting down to core structural elements using a repeatable method that improved my tasting ability dramatically.

He is able to explain the process clearly and quickly. Applying theory to what I was observing is in the glass was a great way to improve my wine knowledge. If you are going to spend serious time to study for a test, I recommend working with Nick.”

Matt Beach, Certified Sommelier