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Medium – /ˈmiːdɪəm/, noun

A means by which something is communicated or expressed; The “medium” of written word.

Plus – /plʌs/, noun

A definitive advantage; Knowing the language is a decided “plus”.

Medium Plus – /ˈmiːdɪəm plʌs/, adjective

In tasting vernacular, the perceived state of an element being ambiguously elevated; This wine has a “medium plus” impression of tannin.


The term Medium Plus, abstract to the uninitiated, is in a way a humorous reflection of personal indecisiveness. From choosing a cocktail at the bar to the name of your first born, the important decisions in life can be hard to make. The same can be said for opinions, which can be hard to pin down in the extreme positive or negative. That famous burger was neither awful or amazing, just pretty-good. In describing a wine the term is a safe-ground, allowing a taster to avoid firm analytical commitment, thus making a logical conclusion elusive.

Medium Plus the company simultaneously pokes fun at and highlights the context of this term. The content found here focuses largely on practice of Deductive Wine Tasting, and other specific beverage topics. Additional commentary is offered on the beverage industry and its diverse personalities.
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For those seeking to expand specific beverage knowledge via custom curricula, Medium Plus offers professional consulting and education. Individuals, groups and businesses are all welcome.

Some of what we cover:

  • Education: Wine knowledge
    • Deductive tasting: determine the grape, age and place of origin of a wine, before you even see the label!
    • Pairing: explore incredible flavor combinations between versatile foods, and the best wines of the world.
    • Theory: shrink the vast world of wine into small sips, and gain a thorough understanding of the topic. From classic producers to advanced memory strategies, upgrade your learning.
  • Education: Cocktail service
    • Shake, stir, swizzle: learn to get your hands in the game, and craft cocktails using elegant and high-speed techniques.
    • Balance: the art of the cocktail comes down to cooking with liquid. Discover the classic repertoire of ingredients, and how they all fit together to create elegant libations.
  • Education: Beer, Spirits and Sake
    • Uncover the nuanced worlds of Scotch Whisky, Belgian Beer, Nihonshu and more.

Furthermore, cocktail and wine services are available for private events, large and small. Whether you need a personal sommelier or a team of bartenders, we have you covered.

  • Event Service, Bartender:
    • Custom cocktails, classic drinks, beer, wine and spirits. Your guests will be getting the best.
    • With any type of drink selection imaginable, we work with your personal preferences and budget to assemble the trappings of a professional craft bar.
    • We take on the leg-work of shopping and drink prep, so you can rest easy and focus on your guests.
  • Event Service, Sommelier:
    • Elegant and exacting wine service. Sourcing from your cellar or ours, enjoy wines presented with care and knowledge.
    • Whether you are planning to open a special library wine from the archives, or taste through a spectrum of special Champagne producers, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Event Service, Support staff:
    • For events that require extra hands, we have a team of service pros at the ready, excited to lend their talents and hospitality.

Clients in Seattle and beyond are all welcome. Each event is unique, and we will work with you to make it unforgettable. Discuss details and pricing by getting in touch via our Contact page.


  • Nick Davis – Creative Director and Principal

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Medium Plus is led by Nick Davis. With a career background on the restaurant floor and behind the bar, Nick has measured experience in both wine and cocktails. Following his success at the Advanced Sommelier exam in April of 2015, Nick decided to grow and share his passion for beverages by starting a company from the ground up. Thus, the idea for Medium Plus was born. Following an initial period of development, the company launched in July of 2015.

To learn more about Nick, visit his personal site at


  • Jess White – Project Management and Event Support

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  • Therese Gilbertson – Project Development and Outreach

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    • Kate Van Amringe – Lead Photographer


  • Carolyn Kading – Social Media Lead and Event Support



  • Jen Bloom – Business Development and Event Support


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