Special Guest Seminars:
When one of our great friends comes to town, it calls for a seminar. We choose a beautiful venue, and hold a tasting with education. Past showcases have included Napa Valley with Kelli White, and Douro Valley with Rui Riberio.

Chef Collaboration:
Partnering with local chefs is a wonderful way to highlight amazing food and wine. We have teamed up in the past with Maximillian Petty of Eden Hill Restaurant in Seattle on three occasions: Holiday Fare and French Wine, Champagne Feature, and Château d’Yquem with Peket dè Houyeu.

Film Premieres:
Great film goes perfectly with great wine. On two occasions, Medium Plus hosted the local premieres of SOMM: Into the Bottle, in both Seattle and Walla Walla. For the Seattle Premiere at McCaw Hall, our friends Madeline Puckette and Brian McClintic were in attendance, and gave a talk to the audience about the film.

Pop-Up Concepts:
For one evening, we take over a venue, and host a pop-up tasting experience. Three times a Montana Bar in Seattle, we hosted a Champagne Pop-Up, and brought the bubbles to a punk-rock dive bar on Capitol Hill.

Social Gatherings:
Sometimes it’s fun to just hang out with friends, and celebrate the joys of life. We love hosting such events, and two of our favorites were the ’06 BHS 10-Year Reunion, and Industry All-Stars Party at Insignia.

Archetype Tasting:
Group wine tastings, based on a theme. Past themes: White Wines with Oak, Pinot Noir, Sparkling Wines, Tuscan Reds. How it works: Free to attend, and bring a bottle to share.

Blind Tasting Buddies, Tastings:
Weekly tasting group with our pals, based on a theme. All levels are welcome, and each member comes prepared with a brief presentation for the group. How it works: bring a bottle to share, or buy a ticket for us to supply the wine.

Blind Tasting Buddies, Field Trips:
The Buddies hit the streets, searching for deliciousness. We explore food and beverage destinations around Seattle. Past field trips include: Uwajimaya, Pike Place Market, Cedar River Brewing, Westland Distillery and Holy Mountain Brewing.

Dinner Series:
For the collectors. We choose a great new restaurant around Seattle, and everyone brings a special bottle from their collection. Past restaurants include Cinque Terre, Sitka & Spruce, Brunswick & Hunt, Café Juanita and Copine.

Cellar Selections:
We dive into our cellars, and open great wines in the name of education and celebration. Past events have featured great wines from Burgundy, Champagne, Piedmont, Napa Valley, Barossa, Columbia Valley, Mosel, Bordeaux and more.