Importers, and Selections

Found on the label of any foreign wine shipped to the United States, will be a statement of the importing agent. Typically, “imported by” will be followed by the company name, and city of residence.

In some cases, a producer will have been selected by another party, and this name may also appear on the label. Included here are some examples of this scenario, where one party selects the wine, and another party acts as importer.

These images were taken from our Taste Album collection, prepared by Nick. Using the Oeno Label Lift, he removed each label, and arranged them in binder albums, organized by region. Visit our sister site to see more examples.

Below are twenty-one images of labels, featuring both “selections” and “importers”. In perhaps the majority of cases, imported wines do not feature the “selections” addition, and it is seen more on speciality producers.

Many selectors are focused on specific countries. For example Rudi Wiest (Germany), José Pastor (Spain), and Becky Wasserman (France)

The List:

  • A Thomas Calder/Garagiste Selection
    • Imported by Free Run LLC, Seattle, WA 98117
  • A Thomas Calder Selection
    • Imported by: Cavatappi Distribuzione, Seattle, WA.
  • Alfio Moriconi Selection
    • Imported by Saranty Imports, White Plain, New York
  • Selected by DNS Wines
    • Imported by: T. Elenteny Imports, New York, NY 10007
    • Shipped by: Robert Haas Selections, France
      • Imported by: Vineyard Brands, Inc. Birmingham, AL.
  • Peter Weygandt Selection
    • Imported by Weygandt-Metzler Unionville, PA
  • Shipped by: Robert Haas Selections, France
    • Imported by: Vineyard Brands, Inc. Birmingham, AL.
  • Louis/Dressner Selections
    • Imported by LDM Wines, Inc., New York, NY
  • Rudi Wiest
    • Imported by Cellars International Inc. San Marcos CA 92078 USA
  • A Terry Thiese Estate Selection
    • Imported by Skurnik Wines New York, NY
  • Bonafide Wine Estates
    • Imported by Classical Wines – Seattle, WA
  • José Pastor Selections
    • Imported by Vinos & Gourmet, Inc. Richmond, CA
  • Neil Empson Selections, Milan, Italy
    • Sole U.S. Importer: Empson (U.S.A.) Inc., Alexandria, VA
  • Dalla Terra Winery Direct
    • Imported by: Cleto Chiarli USA – Napa, CA
  • Diamond Wine Selections
    • Imported by Diamond Importers Inc. Chicago, IL, USA
  • Becky Wasserman & Co.
    • Imported by: American Northwest Distributors, Inc. Seattle, WA
  • Jenny & François Selections
    • Imported by: USA Wine Imports, New York, NY
  • Alain Junguenet Selection
    • Imported by: Wines of France Inc., Mountainside – NJ. USA
  • Shipped by: Jeanne-Marie de Champs, Beaune
    • Imported by: Bordeaux Wine Locators, Rainier, WA
    • Imported by: Free Run LLC, Seattle, WA 98117
    • Cavatappi Distribuzione Seattle WA.

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