M+ Lean, Week 2: Climbing on the wagon

Getting into the groove, with kale and friends.

My journey continues on the path towards greater fitness, and a leaner situation. Two weeks in, I have the most energy and motivation in weeks, maybe months. To recap, here’s the plan, as guided by coach Jim Hein, of Level 4 Crossfit:

  • No booze.
  • Lots of protein.
  • Lots of veggies.
  • Limited sugary starchy bliss.
  • Added supplements: fish oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C.

Strangely enough, the urges for sugar and alcohol were pretty much gone after the first week, and therefore, this week was easy. I still have to do my job as a professional beverage geek, so some tasting did occur, albeit with a spit cup handy. Here are the benefits felt from this week:

  • Up early, feeling refreshed, rested and happy.
  • Motivated to get projects done, and be “productive”.
  • Motivated to stay fit, doing something active nearly daily.
  • Saving mad stacks of $$$, from not drinking.
  • Less anxiety and sluggishness.
  • Improved skin: persistent and annoying blemishes have essentially disappeared. My arm-chair analysis suspects an alcohol-related hormonal response, now remedied via abstinence.

Here are some drawbacks and challenges to getting lean, so far:

  • Hungry more often, as in every three hours or less.
  • Decreased performance in high-intensity workouts. According to Level 4 coach Scott Takenaga, it takes some time, up to a week, for my system to begin using fats instead of carbohydrates for energy.
  • Eating out is adding up $$$. I need to be cooking at home.
  • Digestion has been a mixed bag. A top suspect is the fish oil, coming from a mature bottle of capsules from my cupboard. Supplements now paused, to be resumed gradually.
  • My first meal is often 2-3 hours after waking. An earlier breakfast could jump start my metabolism.
  • By not drinking, I am missing out on the glorious fun of Champagne, Negronis and etc. It doesn’t stop me from going out and getting cray, thankfully.

Here is my meal log from the past week. Wake-up times have been included, as have workouts, indicated in bold.

Thu, 10/8

    • 9am: Up
    • 2pm: Steak salad, honey glazed wings, carrots, celery, iced tea, (roll skipped). (The Lodge)
    • 5pm: Builder bar, muscle milk. (7-11)
    • 5pm: CrossFit, group workout.
    • 7pm: Cobb salad, iced tea (skipped bread and bleu cheese). (Hale’s)
    • 11pm: Olives, marconas, coppa snack. (home)
  • Fri, 10/9
    • 9am: Up
    • 12pm: Corn, bean, kale salad. (home)
    • 3pm: Steak salad (Paragon)
    • 5pm: Rest Day.
    • 8pm: Italian salad, ribeye steak, asparagus, some mashed potato, green tea. (Tula’s)
    • 11pm: Soda water (Lava Lounge)
  • Sat, 10/10
    • 8am: Up
    • 12pm: 4-piece chicken, beet salad (Marketime)
    • 12pm: CrossFit, barbell.
    • 4pm: Banana, mixed nuts, lunch meatz. (Tully’s)
    • 8pm: Prime rib, salmon, crab cake, quinoa, saffron risotto, arugula salad. (Hyatt)
    • 9pm: SIPS OF WINE. (Hyatt) 
    • 11pm: Fried bacon, bone marrow, deviled eggs, bun-less burger, chamomile tea. (John Howie)
  • Sun, 10/11
    • 9am: Up
    • 11am: Scramble, pork, beans, pesto, hash browns, coffee. (North Star)
    • 5pm: Pro bar. (Stone gardens)
    • 5pm: Climbing.
    • Short rib, lentils, sausage, beets, chamomile tea, SIP OF COCKTAIL. (Lecosho)
  • Mon, 10/12
    • 10am: Up
    • 11am: Florentine scramble, bacon, parmesean, toast, honey, greens, coffee, cream. (Ha!)
    • 1pm: Seafood plate, salami snack. SIPS OF WINE! (Salty’s)
    • 7pm: Cobb salad. (Kiss Cafe)
    • 8pm: Climbing.
    • 9pm: One chicken. (home)
  • Tue, 10/13
    • 10am: Up
    • 1pm: BBQ chicken drumstick, fried chicken wings, kale, mushrooms, yams. (Whole Foods)
    • 5pm: Muscle milk, luna bar. (Marketime)
    • 5pm: CrossFit.
    • 8pm: Chicken breast, bread/oil/vin, hummus, celery, zucchini casserole, SIP OF WINE, coffee, small pumpkin biscotti. (Friend’s house)
  • Wed, 10/14
    • 9am: Bean/kale/corn salad, cured meat leftovers, black coffee. (home)
    • 10am: Up
    • 12pm: Broccoli, chicken, cabbage, black beans. (Whole Foods)
    • 3pm: Jambalaya: rice, spices, chicken; Wrap: bacon, spinach, tortilla, sauce. Black coffee. (Kiss Cafe)
    • 4pm: Climbing.
    • 6pm: 1/2 wrap. (home)
    • 9pm: Ginger beer. (Montana bar)
    • 10pm: Chamomile tea, water, 3 fried fish tacos, shishito peppers (hot before & after). (Knee High Stocking)

I will be meeting with Jim again soon, to analyze my progress and make any changes. Those details to be posted in next week’s update. Jim is available for personal fitness and nutrition coaching, should you want to pursue a plan of your own.





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