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Interactive maps, for in-depth study

Static maps are a mainstay of the wine study world, with hundreds of amazing examples abounding. Some of our favorite maps are by Louis Larmat, who created beautiful charts of the Champagne region, back in 1944. The full Larmat set is included in the boxed set of author Peter Liem’s recent Champagne book.

For our massive collection of 500+ static maps, illustrated by creators all over the world, check out this Google Drive Folder: (our custom links made free, using Rebrandly)

Interactive maps are relatively new to the wine-study landscape, made possible by open source content created by individuals, using the Google MyMaps tool. Create your own maps for free:

Our set of 50+ interactive beverage maps spans the world of wine, plus sake, beer, and spirits. Regions covered were inspired by Nick’s personal studies, and are a smattering of areas from around the globe.

Looking for a place to start, in exploring the collection? See our featured maps, noted with three stars ***

We share this list as a companion to the upcoming Savvy Wine Studies book by Medium Plus, funded by generous Kickstarter backers in 2016.

Feel free to share any and all. Have a question or comment for us? Please shoot us an email: feedback at mediumplus dot com

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