Podcast: Tasting Demo #2, and a Candid Interview

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In this edition of the Medium Plus podcast, Nick demonstrates a full run-through of the formal 6-flight blind format of deductive wine tasting.

The practice is done with three each of whites and reds, all which are ideally great examples of the 50-or-so “classic styles” of wine. This is the same format for tasting used in the Advanced and Master exams conducted by the Court of Master Sommeliers.

In contrast to more casual “comparative” style wine tastings, the 6-flight blind is definitely a testing tool, used to gauge proficiency with the tasting grid, and established structure palette calibration. Comparative style tastings are excellent for evaluating similar wines side-by-side, as a way to develop a comprehensive tasting repertoire. Incidentally, a verbal tasting under time pressure serves to intensify the experience of tasting, simulating nerves encountered in an exam situation.


Following the tasting demonstration and breakdown of the wines, the podcast goes into an impromptu street-interview, with a new friend at Herkimer Coffee in Phinney Ridge.

Music for this episode provided by Seattle band Gems. Visit the Gems website to check out more of their sweet tracks!



Check out the wines from the flight:

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