Oenophilia Label Lift – Oeno 50 Pack for Taste Album


Label Lift by Oenophilia – the best way to preserve wine labels for scrapbooking.

Wine labels can be preserved and displayed beautifully, using the Oeno Label Lift. The item is clear plastic with sticky adhesive, that removes labels smoothly, offering both protection and elegant presentation.

The pack comes with 50 Label Lift sheets.

View the collection of wines displayed using the Label Lift, at our Taste Album gallery site, www.tastealbum.com.

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Steps for using the Oenophilia Label Lift, as recommended by Medium Plus:

  1. Wipe off the label-area bottle with a dry cloth, removing any smudges or finger prints.
  2. Peel the backing from the Label Lift, being careful not to touch the sticky area with fingers.
  3. Align the straight-edge of the sticky area to the edge of the wine label, leaving 1/4″ of margin.
  4. Roll the sticky Label Lift onto the wine label, preventing any air bubbles from forming.
  5. Use fingers to press the Label Lift firmly across the wine label, to adhere plastic onto paper.
  6. Using a swift motion, pull the Label Lift up, thus removing the wine label from the bottle.
  7. Trim any excess plastic using scissors or paper-cutter, and mount the label in a scrapbook or frame. 

Custom orders and requests always welcome, including quantity discounts.

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