Vine Archive – February 2020

Vine Archive is a project by Master Sommelier Nick Davis, as part of his company Medium Plus, founded in 2015. His goal is to bring together a community to celebrate delicious wines across many styles.

Each bottle is from a different country and type, from delicate sparkling to powerful red, and colors in-between.

The package is $240 total for six bottles. Shipping is $30 for FedEx Ground, with free pickup/delivery available in the Seattle area.

Visit the Medium Plus Store to purchase the Vine Archive set.

Want to sample the wines? We are offering a free community tasting event in Seattle on Saturday, February 8th, at The Tin Table on Capitol Hill, from 2pm to 4pm. RSVP for the tasting on Eventbrite.

wine list:

  • NV Pierre Péters, “Cúvee de Réserve” Brut Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, France
  • 2017 J.H. Selbach, “Incline” Riesling, Mosel, Germany
  • NV La Cigarrera, Amontillado, Jerez, Spain
  • 2016 Savage Grace, “Underwood Mountain Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Columbia Gorge, United States
  • 2018 Bodega Noemía, “A Lisa” Malbec, Río Negro, Argentina
  • 2013 Elio Altare, Barolo, Italy

Starting as a flower in the vineyard, the wine grape is transformed into something special through countless steps, and brought to our glass by many dedicated hands. Within that glass is a snapshot that shows us the world. Vineyard, winery, and supply chain are captured, in a liquid image of time.

about the wines:

NV Pierre Péters, “Cúvee de Réserve” Brut Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, France – 750mL

This famed producer from the Côte de Blancs subregion focuses on Chardonnay, from the village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. The Blanc de Blancs style uses 100% white grapes, and in this case Chardonnay offers a creamy roundness to balance an electric brightness. Pierre Péters is a grower-producer, both cultivating the vines and caring for the bottles in the cellar. 

2017 J.H. Selbach, “Incline” Riesling, Mosel, Germany – 750mL

The steep slopes of the Mosel valley are notorious in the wine world, for delivering legendary Riesling, at the cost of treacherous heights. Vineyard workers often strap into harnesses to work the vines, and the effort pays off. This delicate Riesling has just a kiss of sweetness, along with zingy lime, peach, and mineral explosions. Johannes Selbach is the chief figure behind the J.H. label, and also leads the traditional Selbach-Oster lineup of wines. The estate is based in the Bernkastel bereich (zone), in the village of Zeltingen. 

NV La Cigarrera, Amontillado, Jerez, Spain – 1000mL

Dry Sherry wines are for the initiated, full of salty and savory mystique. Made from the Palomino grape, the vines bake in the hot sun of Andalucía, above bright-white chalk soils. The dry white wines are fortified with a bit of grape brandy, and then aged in a system of barrels under “flor” yeast, developing toasty and nutty aromatic notes. The final stage of Amontillado aging is a shorter time without Flor, which deepens the tones of this complex wine. We have selected a full-liter bottle, to promote the generous enjoyment of Sherry.

2016 Savage Grace, “Underwood Mountain Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Columbia Gorge, United States – 750mL

The Columbia Gorge offers a special contrast to the sun-baked areas of the greater Columbia Valley. Nestled among steep basalt cliffs, the gorge was over centuries cut by the swift movement of the Columbia River, and now is home to a very special area of viticulture. The Underwood Mountain vineyard features a number of neat grape varieties, and grows one of the best examples of Pinot Noir in Washington State. Savage Grace specializes in fresh and vibrant wines, and with this uniquely Washington example of Pinot, it truly stands on its own. 

2018 Bodega Noemía, “A Lisa” Malbec, Río Negro, Argentina – 750mL

Found near the southern tip of Argentina, the Patagonia region is famed as a wild and wooly expanse, populated by green forests and tall peaks. The vineyards here take a departure from the more familiar Mendoza examples, with growers enjoying Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the cool climate, in addition to Malbec. Bodega Noemía makes this lively and sumptuous style of Malbec, named after the grandmother of Danish winemaker Hans Vinding-Diers.

2013 Elio Altare, Barolo, Italy – 750mL

Now a classic and celebrated name, Elio Altare was a rebellious figure when he first came to prominence. Eschewing the use of old Botti barrels and super-long skin macerations, he helped to pioneer a new style of Barolo winemaking, which is now quite commonplace in the region. These Nebbiolo wines are made from vines near the town of La Morra, on the western side of the appellation. Expect a bright floral perfume, with potpourri, dried rose, and sandalwood, against a firm palate based on tart-cherry fruits. 

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