Medium Plus Seattle – Wine List

Featuring over 3,000 individual wines

The Medium Plus list encompasses regions from around the world, across large and small producers alike.

We have two lists for browsing: one with our latest inventory, and another featuring wines available by special order within two business days.

>> Current Inventory (1,000 wines):
These juicy bottles are currently in our cellar, stored away from light and heat.
This list is sorted by style, then region. Selections are available within one business day.

Restaurant style wine list: Google Docs: Medium Plus Style Wine List

Spreadsheet list with bottle inventory: Google Sheets: Medium Plus Style Wine List

>> Special Orders (3,000+ wines)
We partner with over twenty importers to directly source amazing wines, fresh off the boat.
Once confirmed, selections are available within one week.
Looking for something unique? Send us a note, and we will dig deep to find what you seek.

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